Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Save the Date: Adoption Event Dec 15th in Staten Island


Many cats of all ages  will be available for adoption this Sunday Dec 15th, 2012  in Staten Island NYC.

The event is organized by Petsmart and The Mayor's Alliance for NYC Pets 

Staten Island PetSmart

1520 Forest Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10302

More Info: http://www.louieslegacy.org/home/ 

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Are you thinking on adopting a cat? here are 5 great reasons to do so:

1) Cats are very loving and affectionate with you.

2) According to some studies having a cat can reduce blood pressure and heart disease.
3) Cats are low maintenance pets.
4) Cats can be left home alone longer periods. They are very independent.
5) Cats usually do not need a lot of space, making them a perfect companion for NYC small
Reason number 6 (bonus):You will be saving a life!

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