Thursday, November 29, 2012

NYC Councilman Peter Vallone Jr Writes Letter Requesting Deportation of Animal Abuser

Councilman of New York Peter Vallone has launched a letter writing campaign to get convicted animal abuser Milan Rysa deported.
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Milan Rysa who already spent time in jail for throwing his 50 pound dog, a Chinese  Shar-Pei, out of the window last year, faces deportation to Czech Republic. The dog was killed in the fall.

"He killed an defenseless,  innocent dog and anyone who does that does not deserve to live in the U.S" said the councilman.
Neighbors of Rysa's Astoria apartment were horrified to see the dog fall to his death in September 2011. Witness said Rysa looked outside the window after trowing the dog, then got back, closed the window and locked himself inside the apartment. When cops were able to questioned him about the incident, he said he was sleeping while it all happened. He ended up serving 2/3 of his 1 year sentence to a second degree reckless endangerment crime.
Currently he awaits deportation hearing scheduled for 2013.
Article by Pet Taxi New York : pet taxi nyc 

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